Analyzr 3.3 is now available via a free in-app update for all 3.x owners! Download the update manually or "Check for Update" in the app. Upgrades from version 1 and 2 are available here.

Third-Generation Software to Power Next-Generation Instruction

Analyzr 3.0 is a video analysis application for macOS. Utilizing Apple's tremendous hardware and easy-to-use operating system, Analyzr leverages the power, speed, and capabilities of the Mac and macOS to provide students and professionals alike with a world-class analytical tool that's feature packed and yet incredibly easy to use. Analyzr is carefully designed to offer everything an instructor or student needs in one beautifully simple package.

Though built primarily for golf, Analyzr is used daily by baseball and tennis instructors, Olympic Curling teams, running and gait analysts, ballet teachers, and coaches or instructors in almost every sport imaginable!

Analyzr Pro

Completely Re-Written Video Analysis - Brand New and Blazing Fast

New Playback and Recording Engine
While both Analyzr Pro and Student were upgraded to handle the latest in video codecs and schemes (including MP4 HEVC), we're most proud of the completely re-written video analysis recorder found and used daily by instructors in Analyzr Pro.

Analyzr Pro's Record Analysis Tool is a game changer for instructors and students alike. Whether you're teaching online lessons or want your students to take home a more immersive lesson recap, analysis recording is the way to go. Load up your videos, press record, and talk as you narrate through a lesson or some swing changes. Get three minutes into an in-depth analysis and the phone rings? No problem. Just pause and scrub to just before the interruption and pick up where you left off.

Do you online lessons? Analyzr is all you need. Import the video submission from your student. Analyze with voiceover and get it back to them faster than you can say "ulnar deviation." Analyzr's recording capabilities make you look like a Super Pro every time your student plays back his or her lesson.

Analyzr Pro

Be your own media mogul.

Analyzr puts you in complete control of your media, and gives you the powerful tools you need to quickly organize students, lessons, videos, pictures, and models.

Organization is a Snap
With Analyzr Pro, you can easily organize your students and their lessons in the "Students" section of Analyzr's Library. Beneath each student, you'll find calendar dates for each lesson, with a notes field for typing in notes about the lesson. You can import your pictures and video into these lessons, and quickly find them using the Fast Filter. If you find a great clip on YouTube, import it into the "Models" section. Use the "Other" section for special projects or temporary items. Rename items in your library with a double-click, and move them around by drag and drop. Organizing your Library couldn't be easier!

Store Photos and Video Files
Analyzr Pro and Student both import and display both photos and videos so that you can get the most from your lessons. It's never been easier to go from recording video to discussing it with your student. In one step you can choose the correct video, tag it by view, and even color code for fast access. When you get paid to look good in front of your students there is no other choice.

Analyzr Pro

Fast Filter for Quick, Easy Search
Analyzr Pro's Fast Filter is a touch of magic that will make finding the video you need as simple as typing the name. If "Peter Wozniak" comes in for a lesson, simply type "Woz" and all of his lessons and videos appear in the Library, with everything else filtered out. Add "FO" to the end and you'll get only the Face-On videos of Peter Wozniak. Want to compare Peter's impact position to Rory McIlroy's from Down the Line? Type "Rory DL" into the Fast Filter and - voilà - you've got Rory's Down the Line videos at your fingertips! Stop looking through bins - let Analyzr Pro's Fast Filter work its magic!

Put your students in a magazine spread.

Analyzr Pro 2.2 introduces Swing Sequences, which allow you to export one or both of swings in Analyzr's Viewers. Just set the 10 Positional Markers on the frames you'd like to export, and all ten are exported in beautiful format. Export one video in a wide 10 x 1 format or a more compact 5 x 2, or export both videos in stunning 10 x 2 format!

You can use Analyzr's Swing Sequence feature to show off to your students how much their swing has changed (before and after), or to just show off their swing from two views (perhaps Face-On and Down-the-Line)! Compare a good student to the swing of a PGA or LPGA Tour pro… or more! The possibilities are endless!

Beautiful Enough to Frame
We've even had students print and frame their Swing Sequences! Analyzr Pro's Swing Sequence feature is a smash hit, and students (and potential students!) love to see their swing just as it might appear in Golf Digest or Golf Magazine!

Analyzr Pro

Powerful software for powerful professionals.

Analyzr contains great tools that are not only easy to use, but let you do everything you need to analyze your media - whether you're helping golfers to improve as an instructor or comparing your own swing to Tiger, Adam, or Rory.

Both Student and Pro contain Grabber, Line, Arrow, Rectangle, Oval, Angle, and Scribble tools with three line thicknesses and nine colors. These tools are smart, too - you can customize the measured angles they display (or turn them off altogether) and hold down modifier keys to draw perfect circles and squares, perfectly vertical or horizontal lines. Power users will appreciate the keyboard shortcuts to quickly switch amongst the tools as well as TouchBar support on MacBook Pro.

Analyzr was built from the ground up to provide the golf student and instructor the tools they need to effectively analyze the golf swing. Analyzr provides the tools you need and gets out of the way so that you can spend your time with the video, not fighting the interface.

And even though we know the world is going increasingly digital, we understand that sometimes it's nice to have something to hold onto, so Analyzr also lets you print.

If you're apprehensive, we understand, and we've been there. Software can be confusing. That's why we offer a trial version - just download a demo version (it will never expire) and try it out. You'll soon discover how easy Analyzr is to use, and how powerful a tool it can be for you!