IMPORTANT: May 8, 2019: Analyzr 2.5.1 is now available for download! Please also see the notice below for Catalina users.

NOTICE: Analyzr 2.5.1 does not support macOS Catalina (10.15). Please visit this page for more information and access to a new expiring 3.0 beta build (new as of December 18, 2019).

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We're happy to provide support, should you need it. Before contact us with your question, please look at the screencasts and the information below. Please take the time to do the basic troubleshooting yourself so that we can better assist you.

Thank you!

Please try these things first:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

We hope that your experience with Analyzr is smooth sailing, but should you have a question, please refer to the commonly asked questions below. Of course, if you have a question that is not answered below, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us.

Video Playback, Downloading, and Importing

Demo Limits, Purchasing, and Licensing

Using the Software

I cannot complete a video recording most of the time, nor can I find the temporary files Analyzr creates. What can I do?

First, we apologize for the error and bug. We've introduced a few work-arounds, but the bug is deeper within Apple's frameworks than we can work around. Until we can introduce 3.0 that will utilize a completely different framework and restore full, non-buggy behavior to this feature, we're recommending everyone who is having trouble with this feature use QuickTime Player (free with every Mac) to record your video analyses.

Please visit this article to learn more about using QuickTime Player to record your screen. The steps are relatively simple:

1. Launch Analyzr and QuickTime Player.
2. Choose "New Screen Recording…" from the "File" menu in QuickTime Player.
3. Make sure your microphone is active and then click the "Record" button in the window that appears.
4. Drag a rectangle over the Viewers in Analyzr to record the two Viewers.
5. Conduct your video analysis and click "Stop" iin the menu bar to stop the recording.

I have some movie files that won't play. What can I do to get Analyzr to play them?

If you have a video file that does not play in Analyzr, try to play the video with the application "QuickTime Player." If the video does not play in QuickTime Player, it may not be supported by Mac OS X. Check this page for the list of supported formats. If your file is a WMV video file, try installing the free Flip4Mac.

I can't download a video from youTube. What's up?

First, please make sure that you are authorized to download the video per YouTube's Terms of Service.

If your URL looks something like this:, that's the URL to a "channel" instead of an actual video. Analyzr will respond by saying: "Analyzr was unable to download this video. There was a problem downloading the video. Please verify that the URL is correct or try again later."

The proper URL will look something like this: or If you right-click (control-click) on a video in a channel and click "Copy Link" (or your browser's equivalent wording), you should be able to paste that URL into Analyzr.

Also note that from time to time YouTube updates their storage mechanisms, and we need a week or two to "catch up." Look for a software update in these instances.

Videos I import from my iPhone are black. Why?

Please disable HEVC and HEIF video and photos on your iPhone. Information about that is here.

Is the demo download the same as the software I use after I purchase?

Yes! The same application you download above "unlocks" with the proper license. You will not receive a different download or application. Simply use your license file to unlock the features.

What are the demo limits?

Both the Student and Pro versions share the same trial or demo limitations. First, the video viewers are lightly watermarked (black in Student and white in Pro). Second, you're limited to loading one video into each of the video viewers per launch. That's all! Other than those two limits, the application is fully functional!

I bought a license. What do I do with it?

First, and perhaps most importantly, make a backup copy of your license file. We cannot always guarantee that we will be able to retrieve or re-create your license file, so please make a backup copy and keep it safe. If you have a Gmail account, for example, you can simply email yourself a copy of the license file and that should serve as a backup service of sorts.

When you purchase a license, the license file will be made available for download (and a URL to download the license file will be emailed to you). If you've already downloaded and installed a copy of Analyzr, registering the software is as simple as double-clicking on the ".ahlicense" (Student) or ".aplicense" (Pro) files that you can download at the end of your purchase.

Alternatively, you can choose "Register…" from the "Analyzr" menu and locate your license file.

My License file is some weird sort of XML file or something. What's wrong with it?

Some webmail clients (and even some desktop mail clients) append ".xml" to your license. You should be able to rename your license to either "John Smith.ah2license" for an Analyzr Student license or "John Smith.ap2license" for an Analyzr Pro license. The proper icon should appear and the license should be capable of registering your software.

Can I get a trial license for a more thorough evaluation?

Though we've strived to create a trial that's fairly non-limiting, we are happy to provide what we call an "expiring license" to customers interested in Analyzr Pro. These expiring licenses will fully unlock the software and remove the demo limitations mentioned just above, but will expire on a certain date. If you'd like to request an expiring license, please contact us and we'll do our best to get back to you quickly!

What is your update and upgrade policy?

All minor version updates within the same version are free. If version numbers are marked as x.y.z (i.e. 1.3.7), then all changes to the "y" and the "z" position are free. Upgrades from version to version (i.e. the "x" position) are typically less than 50% of the cost of the full version.

Do you have any coupon codes or discounts?

Yep! We have discounts for PGA members, students, and those who are purchasing a Mac to run Analyzr. Also, the first time you download our software, you're rewarded if you can spare sixty seconds of your time… To inquire about our coupon codes, just give us a shout.

Can I get a refund?

Though we'll provide a refund in rare cases (i.e. you accidentally bought two licenses), our policy is that all sales are final. We cannot revoke a license once generated, so we hope you understand. Please make use of our demo versions and/or request an extended trial license before purchasing.

Who is Fastspring, and why did they charge my credit card?

Fastspring hosts the e-commerce portion of our site. They're a fast, stable, secure e-commerce website that lets us focus on making Analyzr as awesome as possible.

What is "Validate Analyzr Data…" and how do I use it?

This feature is intended to repair databases in the rare (<0.1%) cases in which an Analyzr Database is corrupted and fails to show items that are included in the "Analyzr Data" file but which are not showing in the Library. If a movie exists on the disk but is not in the database (or, consequently, the Library), it's added. If a movie shows as existing in the database but is not on the disk, it will be removed from the database (and, thus, the Library).

Please use this feature only after being directed to do so by support or at your own risk. The vast majority (>99.9%) of databases function perfectly and will never need this feature. This feature can be used by some advanced users to speed up some forms of importing, but such users do so at their own risk.

Please be responsible and back up your data - including the "Analyzr Data" folder in your Documents folder, regularly!

Do you have any tricks I might be able to use to impress my friends?

We can't guarantee that you'll impress your friends (we assume you have the greatest of friends!), and many of these are common "tricks" on the Mac, but some you may not be aware of. We encourage you to explore the menus as they'll give you ideas about what the software can do.

Can I put my "Analyzr Data" file on an external drive?

While unsupported, if you're familiar with the use of "Aliases" in macOS, you can easily move your Analyzr Data file to an external drive, to your Dropbox folder, etc. for various purposes. Simply move a copy (keep your original somewhere safe on your desktop until you know it's working), make an alias with the proper name ("Analyzr Data" or "Analyzr Data.analyzrdata" should both work), and put it in your ~/Documents folder. Launch Analyzr to see if you set it up properly.

Can I record long videos of 20+ minutes in Analyzr?

Recording screen video, particularly if you're using a large viewing window on a Mac with a Retina display, is incredibly taxing on the system: RAM, disk space, etc. are worked very, very hard. Even software built specifically for the purpose of recording screens falters during longer recordings.

If you have to record a long analysis, we recommend strongly that you break the analysis down into smaller segments lasting under ten minutes. You can then edit them together (adding your logo, title screens, and any other effects) in software like the free iMovie.

Can I enable Documents in the Cloud (iCloud)?

Please do not enable Documents in the Cloud, the macOS feature. Analyzr 2.x is not built to support this feature, as Analyzr expects not to have to download multi-MB files every time you wish to load a video, and expects the files to be local to your hard disk.