IMPORTANT: May 8, 2019: Analyzr 2.5.1 is now available for download! Please also see the notice below for Catalina users.

NOTICE: Analyzr 2.5.1 does not support macOS Catalina (10.15). Please visit this page for more information and access to an expiring 3.0 alpha build.

Expiring Alpha Version with Catalina Support

Analyzr 2.5 is not supported on Apple's recently released macOS 10.15 version "Catalina." We're hard at work on a 3.0 upgrade, and in the process, we've created an "alpha" build of what is basically Analyzr 2.5 with some changes that allow the application to run on Catalina for those who have already upgraded.

We do not offer support for this version, and we offer no guarantees. All that said, this version should work pretty well.

Below is a list of known issues and an email address for you to tell us about any problems you encounter with this build. Your feedback will help to ensure the upcoming 3.0 and 3.1 releases are as good as they can be.

Thank you.

Expiring Alpha Version (2019-10-31) for Catalina

Download Here:
Analyzr Pro 3.0a1 (.zip, 9.9 MB)
Analyzr Student 3.0a1 (.zip, 9.7 MB)

What Is This?
Analyzr 2.5.1 does not support Catalina primarily because it was built using a framework called "QTKit," which Apple has deprecated and does not include in 10.15. In building version 3.0, we've replaced QTKit with a newer, lower-level framework, thus allowing Analyzr to run on Catalina. This build also does a few other things, like moving the media downloader to a third-party updatable component, but really contains no new features application features over Analyzr 2.5.1.

We are offering this version to you as a stopgap measure for those customers who have upgraded to Catalina. Version 3.0 will contain new features and a modernized user interface. Our intent is to get version 3.0 out as quickly as possible (before the end of the year), and to release 3.1 with a few more features as quickly as possible after that.

What we need from you… is to help us test this version and to report any bugs. This includes the issue with analyses (recordings) being lost or broken. Please email and make sure to note that you're using version 3.0a1 on macOS Catalina.

Known Issues/Fixes
• Recording analyses may still be suspect/broken.
• The UI is not updated, and we do not yet support Dark Mode.
• HEVC Videos and HEIF images should work.
• Apple has discontinued support for some older video formats. See here for more.

Note: This version expires December 31, 2019 and will not launch after that. This version will use your 2.x license, and will run in demo mode if you do not have a 2.x license. Discounted upgrades to 3.0 will be available for 2.x license owners, and additional discounts may be available to the most helpful testers/bug reporters.

To Open Analyzr:
If Safari or your browser does not automatically unzip Analyzr, unzip the application and move it to your Applications folder. Then, right-click or control-click on the Analyzr icon and choose "Open." If you attempt to open Analyzr by double-clicking it or from the Dock without choosing "Open" from the contextual menu once, you will get the warning below. You only need to open Analyzr like this one time, after which you can open it any way you'd like.